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Sustainability And Ethics

Your[Flower]Bouquet Works To Create A Positive Value Chain.

We Are a Small Company But Are Operating On a Strong Value Ground That We Should Contribute With Positive Values In Every Part Of Our Business.

Our Cut Flowers Follows The Seasons And Are Sourced Inside EU To Minimise Transports And When Possible Its Sourced Ecological And As Close As Possible To Selling Point.

Your[Flower]Bouquet Works To Minimise Waste Thru Our Whole Value Chain And Its Good For Both Environment And Economy:


-Cut Flowers Are Bought Several Times a Week To Keep "Buy What Sells" Mindset.

-We Work Only With Recycled Paper And Bags.

-Our Deliveries Are Made With Environmental Friendly Transports, Bike When Possible Otherwise With Vehicle Using Renewable Fuels.

-Unsold Cut Flowers Are Used For Other Arrangemangs And Decorations. Last Step Is To Be Discounted Before Go As Bio Waste.

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